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About Tainted Heroes

Tainted Heroes is an online Dungeons & Dragons RPG (Roll Playing Game) adventure played by 5 friends spread out across the United States. The gaming notes, battles, and adventures are all done through this website's forums. Dice rolling is done using Doodlekit's online dice roller widget. All this information is then gathered after each major encounter and re-translated into short stories by a professional writer and posted in the website's Tainted Heroes Journal. Game play is at each player's leisure. Play time and location are irrelevant on this website. Each round is played out whenever a player logs in and submits their character's next move.

Adult Content (R-Rated)

This website is made for adults and played by adults. It may contain in-appropriate content for children. Bad language, violence, crude behavior, and some minor sexual content will be found in its pages. Think of it as being similar to a rated 'R' movie. These guys are no angels, hence the name of the website: Tainted Heroes.... get it?


Tainted Hero RulesThe main rule (as always) is that the DM (Dungeon Master) makes the rules. What the DM says, goes. It may or may not follow whichever D&D edition rule's set you follow. In memory of Gary Gygax, the father of D&D, we will try to stick to the AD&D 1st Edition rules, but due to work, raising children, and having a life, we do not have the time to read through (nor commit to memory) every page of the Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide, Monster's Manuel, etc. There will be a lot of improvising and rule changing in our game play.

Who Can Play?

This game is not open to the public. However, the roll playing adventures are posted in our Tainted Heroes Journal for everyone to enjoy and comment on.


Many thanks to professional fantasy artist Raven Mimura for letting us use his excellent artwork on this website. Visit his gallery for more examples of his impressive character and creature artwork. 


Many thanks to Doodlekit for providing us with the website builder to build this website and for building the online gaming tools to pull this off!website builder