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Prelude 1: The Early History Of Rexor

Prelude 1: The Early History Of Rexor
DM - Thu Feb 12, 2009 @ 07:57AM
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RexorRexor was born in a brothel, but his mother hadn’t always been a whore. Lilia Jon was an ordinary farm girl a first, but one day when she was picking mushrooms in Borger Forest, she ran upon unhappy times. Highwaymen seized her, tore her clothes, forcefully parted her thighs, and left Rexor’s elder brother in the poor girl’s belly. The Highwaymen were never found, and Lilia’s father cast her into the streets. An unmarried daughter with child is no favorable dowry, so only the brothel in nearby Townsbrooke would take her.

Less than a year after the birth of Rexor’s elder brother, Lilia was with child again, and this time the father wasn’t a highwayman. He was a traveling circus strongman by the name of Dasher Oak. Despite the fact Lilia had been mounted by countless men, Dasher’s paternity was made obvious when Rexor, at the age of 13 months, put on a feat of great strength. He strangled his eldest brother to death in their shared play room. Additionally, by the time Rexor was 10 years old, he was Dasher Oak’s spitting image. Speaking of Dasher, he hasn’t been seen since before Rexor’s birth. However, it is rumored he was lost at sea, en route with other gold rushers to the distant continent of Ashgloom. Apparently either the circus work had dried up or the prospect of gold was the lure. As for Lilia Jon, she now lives a solitary life in the hills above Townsbrooke, making her living as an herbalist.

Rexor and his mother never came to terms over his elder brother’s murder, for which there was never an adequate explanation. She couldn’t even look at him or touch him after what he had done, so the various whores at the brothel took turns watching after the babe until he was 6. Rexor himself still can’t remember committing the terrible act of patricide and ponders to this day why he did what he did. This burden often leaves him screaming in the night from nightmares and otherwise carrying a lot of guilt. Despite Lilia’s contempt for her child, she spent nearly all of her earnings having him instructed and boarded at the Townsbrooke gymnasium. This at least kept him at a distance and out of her sight. At the gymnasium, from the age of 6 through 14, the young lad grew into a young adult. He read the classics, was instructed in mathematics and philosophy, and was trained to box and wrestle. In fact, by the time Rexor was 14, he’d become such a decorated wrestler that many Townsbrooke folk began to overlook his heritage, as well as the fact he had murdered his own brother.

“He’s quite a strapping lad!”

“Yes, did you see how he picked that fat Bruno right up over his head?”

“No doubt he will bring honor to Townsbrooke!”

Unfortunately, one night Rexor’s wrestling career came to an abrupt end. He and several academy fellows went out on the town and had a few too many ales. They took to the streets singing and shouting, and when the town constable and his four deputies arrived to quell the scene, Rexor unwisely decided the appropriate thing to do was to confront them. At first, only a few slight words were exchanged:

“You lads best get home,” pronounced the constable as he brandished his club.

“You going to make us?” demanded Rexor.

But then one of the deputies said too much:

“You best shut up, you son of a whore!”

When the fight was over, five dead lawmen laid at the boy’s feet. The scuffle had been a terrible one. He’d made the first move by tackling the insulting deputy, gouging out his eyes, and twisting his head away from his neck. The remaining four then subdued Rexor, held him down, and beat him with their clubs until his face could no longer be recognized, and his body was motionless in the dust. Somehow, as the constable and his deputies paused to catch their breath, Rexor rose to his feet and killed them all with his bare hands.

“The young wrestler killed the constable!” a Townsbrooke citizen shouted.

“Someone fetch the captain of the guard!”

“Seize him! He’s a killer!”

Rexor had no choice but to escape deep into Borger Forest. There he spent nearly three years living amongst a small tribe of warlike orcs, the Tralkana. At first the Tralkana took to bullying him around, but that didn't last long. By the end of his second day Rexor could hold back no longer. When Ugna Vurt, the chieftain’s brother, decided to pop Rexor on the back of the head with his shield, Rexor grappled him to the ground, pinning the orc helplessly face down in the mud. Impressed with Rexors display of strength, Ugna took to teaching Rexor how to use the two-handed sword so that one day he might join the Tralkana on one of their raids against the local bugbears.

“Boy not only drink like orc, he fight like one too,” Ugna Vurt often boasted.

“Boy have ugly face like orc!” Ugna Vurt would laugh.

Nevertheless, Rexor was a human and not an orc. So when the local bugbear spoils dried up and the Tralkana fell upon hard times, Rexor was sold to the Rolodan Marauders. Ugna Vurt himself committed the foul deed by challenging the boy to a drinking contest, but secretly filling his own keg with water. When the boy passed out, his hands and feet were tied, his mouth gagged, and his head covered with a sack. When his hood was removed a few days later, he found himself on a slave ship set for the strange continent of Ashgloom.

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