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More New Resources And Other Info...


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More New Resources And Other Info...

Mon Jan 12, 2009 @ 06:16AM

Sorry for being out so long, the whole family came down with some virus that's been floating around. We were all out for a whole week.

New Resources: Check out the 'Resources' link to see the new resources that have been added. Please download these and use them for the online gaming we will be doing.

Dice Roller: This is still not complete, but we are working on it. It should be done soon, I will let everyone know.

Character Creation: We will be seeing each other in person in a few days (except Zarron), so I thought we could just wait till then to create all your Characters. I will get with Zarron personally and help him create his over the phone. This is how the attribute creation part will work:

1. All attributes will start at 9.
2. You get 22 points to distribute as you wish to attributes - 16 is the max value you can have for any attribute.
3. Once you have your character attribute scores complete, I will roll for a random attribute that will get -4. Your main attribute will be excluded from the list.
4. After each level you go up, you will get 1 attribute point to add where you wish, max of 18 (19 for certain races on certain attributes).

*Warning* - Distribute your points wisely! I will be putting emphasis on ALL attributes throughout the game. If you create a super stupid or ugly character, then you will suffer the consequences. For example, if your character is dumb, he may not be able to identify encountered monsters and may not know the appropriate defense/consequences associated with them. Regardless that you might know personally, I will force you to play your character as if they don't know the risks. Also,if you have a super low charisma, people will shun you, pick on you and nobody will trust you (not to mention the fact that you'll never get laid). So be weary... ALL attributes count!

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