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Picking Your Starting Attributes


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Picking Your Starting Attributes

Thu Feb 12, 2009 @ 02:13PM

- All attributes will start at 9.

- You will get 22 points (24 for humans) to distribute as you wish to your attribute scores - 16 is the max value you can have for any one attribute (for now).

-Once you have picked your attributes, you will need to role to determine which attribute gets a -4. You will be allowed to chose one attribute to exclude from this roll, so you will need to roll the 5 sided dice.

- After each two levels you go up (up to level 20), you will get 1 attribute point to add to whatever attribute you wish. Attributes cannot exceed 18. For non-humans, some attributes may max out at 17 or 19 instead.

*Warning* - Distribute your points wisely! All attributes will be scrutinized throughout the game!

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