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Duel Wielding Weapons


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Duel Wielding Weapons

Thu Feb 12, 2009 @ 03:47PM

If you are wielding two weapons in melee, you get an extra attack with the weapon in your off hand. The bad news is that your attacks from both hands now suffer a -4 to hit. Your Dexterity bonus to hit with missile weapons can counter this to zero. Basically, if you have a +1 to hit with missile weapons, then your 'to hit' is -3. +2 would be -2, +3 would be -1, and +4 and up would be 0.

Weapon Specialization does not work when wielding two weapons unless both weapons are the specialized weapon.

Medium (primary hand) and small sized melee weapons (off hand) can only be used, or two small sized weapons. Fighters that specialize in a medium sized weapon can duel wield both. If you are a halfling or other smaller race, you can only use two small weapons.

Duel wielding two medium sized weapons (without weapon specialization) or using a large weapon combined with a smaller weapon (18 strength required) results in a -6 to hit for both weapons and -2 damage from each.

Duel wielding two large weapons requires a natural strength of 19 and requires that both weapons be a weapon you specialize in. A -6 to hit and -2 to damage will still apply for each weapon.

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