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Free RPG Stuff

Free RPG Stuff

All of the downloads and tools listed here are FREE for you to use on your website. All that we ask is that you link back to Doodlekit since they created these items for everyone to use. Here is the code you should insert into your website for the link back:

Doodlekit Online <a href="doodlekit.com">Free Website Builder</a>


Free Online RPG Dice Roller

Free Online RPG Dice Roller

Doodlekit has created a new widget for their website users that allows RPG fans to make their dice rolls - online!

Here is an example of the online RPG dice roller in action.

If you would like to use this dice roller, then all you need to do is create yourself a Doodlekit website. They offer a free version if you want to try it out.

Free AD&D HTML Character Sheet

Here is an example of what the HTML character sheet looks like. Download it and modify it to fit your needs. There are two versions you can download:

Example Character Avatar

Free AD&D Icon Set

DescriptionAbilitiesSaving ThrowsArmor ClassTo Hit Armor Class 0Armor, Shields, Helms, Bracers, etc.WeaponsAmmunition - Arrows, Bolts, Darts, etc.Rings, Jewelry & Amulets
MiscellaneousMoney / CoinsArcane Magic SpellsDivine & Druid SpellsNotesBonus Attack DamageScrollsEncumberancePotions, Veils & Flasks

* Right Click on the icon you want to download then click "Save Picture As..."

Download Zip File

AD&D (First Edition) DM Screen Charts & Tables


Coming Soon...